Pizza Cafe Have you ever imagined running a pizza cafe? Now you can! Customers are waiting in line to try your pizzas. Refer to the recipe cookbook, prepare the pizzas, and serve the customers. Delight them in time, and receive a good tip! Features: interactive tutorial to learn the ropes 12 delicious ingredients - onions, pepperoni, bacon, tomatoes, ham and more! 12 delicious pizza recipes - cheese, pepperoni, hawaiian, meat lovers, veggie delight and more! learn how to manage a pizza cafe. Refer to recipes, make the pizza with the correct ingredients, and order more ingredients using the cash earned.

Ships and Monsters Ahoy Captain! You are summoned to the most exciting adventure of your life! Introducing a match-3 type game, combined with a sea combat theme. Build powerful ships by matching 3 of the same kind. Battle against menacing sea monsters, by trapping them with your wits. Collect coins by defeating the monsters, and claiming your rightful treasure. Game Features: a shop to purchase items multiple nefarious monsters 5 kinds of islands to build 5 ship classes, from the basic raft, to the metal gunship ability to fire at monsters from metal gunship bonus and powerups

Robots vs Aliens Aliens are invading our robot base. Build defensive robots to combat this invasion. Plan your victory by strategically placing robots at the right time and place. Collect money for each alien destroyed, and use them to build more robots. Features: Interactive tutorial provided by C1-R1 bot Easy to learn, hard to master Unlock new robot technology with each victory Tough alien opponents

Zone 90 The year is 2100. Nations have ceased to exist, replaced by rogue corporations bent on extracting every last natural resource on Earth. What was once diplomatic business turned into violent confrontations between these rogue entities. Zone 90 is last, untouched region, rich with natural resources. It's now tightly contested between two corporations: XetraCorp and BT Industries. Whoever controls Zone 90, dictates the fate of the world. Play as either faction. Build your base, train an army and battle! Drive the enemy out of Zone 90, and rule the world! Features: Two game modes: Skirmish and Mission Modes Breathtaking graphics Riflemen, rockeeteers, Humvees, Tanks and Defense Turrets : what more do you need? Clever enemy AI: can you beat it? Cross-platform RTS experience (experience the same action on desktop and mobile) Multi-unit selection Innovative waypoint system Building and unit management system Scrolling system Minimap for combat response

Hexable Drag and drop the hexagon pieces onto empty slots. Create full lines to eliminate the tiles. What's your highest score? Features: - Fun and zen like theme, to induce focus - Score combo points by clearing 2 or more lines simultaneously - Earn money to purchase additional skins from the shop

Backgammon The objective is to move all your checkers into your home board. Then, bear them off. Plan your strategy, roll the dice, and leave everything else to luck! Features: - Tutorial included - Choose your color - Three difficulty modes : easy, medium and hard - Fun and casual theme

Castle Siege Use your cannon ball to destroy the foundations of the castle structure. When the castle structure falls, the guards will be eliminated. Remember to avoid hurting the hostages! Features: - Innovative splitting mechanic. Aim your cannonball to split structures into multiple pieces - Collect treasures to increase your score - Place your shots correctly to earn more crowns - Comedic sound effects - Fun relaxed puzzle game

Monster Tower Defense Place monster towers on the field, to defend against the invaders. Collect energy by destroying the ball invaders. Use energy to purchase more monsters. Don't let the invaders reach your base! Features - Interactive tutorial - Fun, upbeat theme - 18 large, challenging levels - A variety of monsters are unlocked as you progress. Use them strategically to win each level

Casual Checkers Play the classic checkers game. Plan your moves, and try to outsmart the computer. Features: - Easy, medium and hard modes. - Rules are based on English / American Checkers, or Draughts (no flying kings) - Ability to switch sides - 3 different themes - Options such as forced captures and first moves - Pleasant theme, suitable for everyone

Super Boxing - Fight Night Box your way to glory! Throw jabs and crosses. Block punches with your boxing gloves. Try not to get KO'ed by your opponent. This is a great game if you are athletic. Features: - Increasingly clever opponents - Entertaining fights! - Simple one-touch gameplay - Gain powerups from combinations - Train to be a great boxer and athlete.

Swing Forward Estimate the length of the rope you need, to swing to the next platform. How far can you go? It's easy the first few swings, but then it gets difficult. Be prepared! Features: - Interactive tutorial - Simple one touch gameplay - Collect gems to unlock cute characters - Fun and cute environment - Local high score to track your performance

Defend The Tank Control a team of tough soldiers. Drag and drop soldiers to place them at strategic positions on the tank. Keep the tank alive at all costs. Rotate your soldiers to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Heal your tanks with mechanic soldiers. Collect coins to upgrade your tank after each battle. Unlock special soldier classes. Features: - Innovative drag and drop mechanic: Drag and place soldiers onto strategic positions on your tank. - Unlimited waves of enemies. They come with tanks, jeeps, airships and yes, battlecruisers. - Different soldier classes to play with. Control infantry, mechanics, rocket men, and machine gunners - Exciting theme and music - Interactive tutorial

Clash of Warlord Orcs 3 minutes to defeat your enemy orc. Choose the right battle cards and place your orc heroes on the battlefield. Use different combinations of card decks and strategies to defeat the enemy. Features: - Different orc inspired cards to choose from, including infantry, ranged, cavaliers and heavy hitters. Not to mention, heroes and spells. - Use your management skills to pick the right cards against the enemy. - Arrange your card deck before each battle - Interactive tutorial to learn the basics. The advanced tactics and strategies are you to master. - Very clever enemy AI. Be warned! - Fun and upbeat orc theme. If you enjoy warcraft, clash of vikings or clash royale, this is the game for you.

Red Outpost We have finally landed on Mars! Recruit astronauts from Earth to build your martian outpost. Harvest crops from the habitat, generate solar energy, mine martian rocks, and discover new technologies along the way. With proper management techniques, grow and thrive! Features: Fun martian theme, suitable for science and space exploration enthusiasts Endless gameplay A variety of new upgrades and technologies Ability to save and load games Interactive tutorial

Wordmeister Create words in the English dictionary to score points. Drag and drop the tiles to form words. Take advantage of bonus tiles such as double letter scores, triple word scores and more. How well-versed are you with the English vocabulary? The highest score wins! Fans of word games such as scrabble will love this. Features: - Interactive tutorial - Advanced functions such as shuffle and swap tiles - Avatar selection - Intelligent AI player - Huge selection of words consistent with worldwide competition standards

Vampires and Garlic Halloween and vampires are upon us! What do vampires dislike? Garlic! Throw garlic bombs (yes, made out of garlic) at pesky vampires. Control the angle and strength of your throws. Remember to watch your garlic count! Features: - A variety of obstacles including challenging terrain, and objects such as boxes, pulleys and TNTs. - Simple point and click throwing mechanic - Interactive tutorial - 30 challenging levels - Fun halloween theme and music

Wasteland Warriors Attention warriors! Engage your friends in this free for all, post apocalyptic fragging funzone. Introducing our brand new, real time multiplayer game. Grab your weapons and start shooting. Use health packs to heal, hide behind structures to avoid the bullets, and above all, stay sane! Can you top the leaderboards? Features: - Really easy and intuitive controls, for desktop and mobile (smartphones and tablets). Start fragging immediately - Emoji support in nicknames. Use and paste into nickname field. - Feeling lonely? Battle the wandering zombie AIs. They're quite smart. - Post apocalyptic battle environment with various obstacles - Collect health packs to survive - Collect rocketpacks to boost your firing rate - Competitive leaderboard for each round

Halloween Chess Halloween is upon us. If you enjoy chess, you'll enjoy this brand new Halloween version for the holidays. Nothing like a classic, spooky chess where each piece is crafted with the intention to scare. Features - 3 different scary themes - Easy, moderate and hard computer AI - Play as white or black in this two (2) player game - Hints system to guide your moves - Yes, pumpkin included - Fun casual theme, suitable for all ages

Metal Animal Metal Animals to the rescue! Control a team of cute and furry animals with weapons, and defend the tank from the enemy invasion. Stop the evil animals from destroying your tank! Features: Innovative drag and drop mechanic: Drag and place metal animals onto strategic positions on your tank. Unlimited waves of enemies Different animals to control: foxes, cats, pandas, sheep - they all come with guns Crazy bosses

Casual Chess Play classic chess against the computer. Plan your moves and execute your strategies to outwit your opponent. Features - 3 different themes - Easy, moderate and hard computer AI - Play as white or black in this two (2) player game - Hints system to guide your moves - Fun casual theme, suitable for all ages

Fill The Gap Drag and drop the blocks to fill the gaps. Complete a row to score points. Complete 2 rows or more to score bonus points. How high can you score? Features: - Interactive tutorial - Endless gameplay. Play until you run out of turns. - Zen theme to encourage focus and productivity. - Learn the concept of space management. Fans of tetris and trixology will love this.

Hamster Roll Tap to release the hungry hamster. Let it roll and bounce through the pugs, collecting seeds and pins. Land on the sunflower to gain a bonus. Features: - Pachinko style slots - Interactive tutorial - Collect pins and seeds - Fun pixel theme

Tank Battle Two tanks emerge on the battlefield. Only one will survive. Can you outsmart the other tank? Collect ammo crates and powerups. Navigate your way to the enemy tank. Fire away! This is the perfect game to play with friends and family. Tip: For two player mode, play on the same device (one finger on each side). Enhance social interaction of your audience! Features: Interactive tutorial to learn the ropes Collect different powerups such as additional health, bubble shields and speed boost Randomly generated battlefield. Each terrain is different Intelligent computer AI Singleplayer or Two Player mode Beautiful, low polygon theme Unlimited gameplay

Defend The Castle Our castle is under siege by the enemy! Defend the castle against an invasion of enemy swordsmen, spearmen, archers, mages, and bombers. Use a variety of spells to defeat advancing troops. Spells include fireballs, lightning strikes, rain of arrows and cold ice blocks. Learn the tips and tricks to defeat each specific enemy character. How long can you defend the castle? Features: easy learning curve. Simply pick up and start playing full tutorial system a cool shop to purchase upgrades exciting music and tempo

Drone Pickup Service The drone revolution has arrived. You operate a Drone pick up service. Your goal is to navigate the drones into difficult conditions, pick up the packages and return to base. Fly around trees, hills, cars, airplanes and wind mills to pick up your package. Complete your tasks in the fastest time to achieve 3 stars. Features: - easy left/right tapping mechanics to navigate - extremely challenging levels with various obstacles - Play with keyboard , mouse or touch - Fun theme and music, suitable for a techy audience who grows up with Uber, Amazon, Instacart and on-demand delivery services

Darts This is the game for dart fanatics. Starting from a score of 501, pick your targets to reduce your score until zero. The first player who reaches zero wins! Features - Follows the standard 501 points rule - Smart computer AI - Interactive tutorial to learn quickly - Score combos through different spots on the dart board. Target double spots, bull rings and bullseye. - Fun and casual theme, no-stress environment

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine Tap on the screen to earn bitcoin. Collect enough bitcoin to purchase hardware upgrades. Increase your earning potential to purchase even better upgrades. Fancy your chances? Spin the wheel to win cool bitcoin prizes. Tap the bitcoin faucet to earn free bitcoins. Collect bitcoin donations from anonymous donors (because there's plenty of rich people on the internet) Flex your fingers and get ready! Fans of idle and clicker games will love this. Oh, and did we mention DAILY bitcoin prizes? Collect prizes from Day 1 to Day 5, they get exponentially better every time! Features: - Extremely simple and clean UI - Tiered upgrade system that covers everything from miner hardware, hashing algorithms, cheap electricity and mining pools - Step by step tutorial - Mini games within the game, to encourage players to come back Disclaimer: this game does not have any tie-in to real cryptocurrency value. Mine responsibly, people.

Math vs Bat Bats are invading our tower! Solve the math question, and attack the bat with your cannon. Covers addition, subtraction, division and multiplication questions. How high can you score? Features: - Interactive tutorial - Kid friendly theme - Multiple game modes to choose from, including a mixed question mode - Linearly increasing math challenges

4 In A Row Connect four dots in a row. Horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Can you beat your opponent? Features: - Casual theme - Play against other players or AI bots - Extremely simple one touch gameplay - 2 Player Game - Chat system - Usernames with emoji system. Use emojis from [](

Spidey Swing It's the adventures of Spidey. Shoot webs, grab on and swing like a spider pro. Avoid things such as sharp edges, rotating chainsaws, arrows, mace and other deadly objects. Keep the majority of your body parts intact, and get to the finish line. Keep our beloved Spidey alive! Features - Interactive tutorial - Touch, keyboard and mouse controls - City skyscraper theme - Over 24 extremely challenging levels. Test your spider-man skills. - Presence of blood and gore (can be turned off by request) - Fans of spiderman and marvel superheroes will love the game

Flip The Bottle How many times can you flip the bottle? Earn coins for each flip, and use them to unlock cool looking bottles! Play with soft drink, grape fruit soda, water, milk, ketchup and juice bottles! Spend hours trying to get the highest score. Features: - Simple, swipe-based controls - Linear difficulty. As you land more bottles, it gets more challenging. There will be distractions such as birds - Fun and exciting theme

Connect The Roads Your car needs to get to work! Move the road tiles to complete the road. Can you get three stars for each level? Features: - Simple draggable tiles - Fun city theme - Turn grid on or off - 24 challenging levels guaranteed to twist your brain Fans of pipe games and picture sliders will love this game.

Tiny Battle Control the human army. Battle invading orcs in this fantasy medieval tower defense game. Train units such as footmen, archers, knights and catapults. Manage your army well, and you shall be rewarded! Prevent the orcs from destroying your castle, at all costs. Features: innovative tutorial system easy learning curve. Easy to start, but difficult to master! control over 4 different classes : footmen, archers, knights and ballistas fight enemy orcs including Grunts, Spearmean, Raiders and Stone throwers learn and develop your own strategies to win fun theme and storyline innovative isometric style game over 10 difficult waves of enemies to power through

Clash of Vikings The battlefield is set. It's you versus the other viking kingdom. You have 3 minutes to defeat your enemy. Choose the right battle cards and place your heroes on the battlefield. Defeat the enemy kingdom to win the game! Use different combinations of card decks and strategies to defeat the enemy. Features: Different cards to choose from, including troops, heroes and spells. Use your management skills to pick the right cards against the enemy. Arrange your card deck before each battle Interactive tutorial to learn the basics. The advanced tactics and strategies are you to master. Very clever enemy AI. Be warned! Fun and upbeat viking theme

Corporate Overlord Welcome to the corporate world. Build your evil corporation, generate massive wealth and dominate the world! Features: Build cool structures such as quantum supercomputer labs and chemical labs Research important technologies including spy drones, instant freezers, droids, and even zombie servants Invest in structures to generate returns Ability to generate different corporate names Interactive tutorial Beware of disaster events! Manage them (and your stress level) appropriately.

Meowfia Evolution Do you like cats? Ever dreamed of controlling a mafia? Now, you can have both! Save kittens, and build a cat mafia! We call it a "meowfia", pun intended. Open bags to save the kittens. Drag and combine kittens to evolve them. Collect cat poop to earn cat coins. Feed fish to make them poop faster. There's tons to do in this game! Purchase upgrades such as better poop scoops, fast fish delivery, magnets and double coins. Unlock the ultimate Godpurrer to win the game. Don't forget to smile! This game will give you a warm feeling about pet animals. Features: - Very intuitive tutorial. Just follow the paw, as they say. - Fun and extremely cute game theme. - Refer to the Meowpedia for more info on the cats. - Purchase more kittens in the shop. - Purchase more upgrades to increase your production limit. - Collect poop coins automatically when you're away! The game continues from where you left off.

Chef Slash The chef needs your help. Slice the food into equal parts. How accurate are you? Slice everyday items such as oranges, cheese, pineapples, apples and vegetables. Too easy for you? Now start slicing pizzas, pies, cakes and sandwiches into multiple parts. Features: - Easy slicing mechanic - Innovating algorithm to detect equally sliced parts. How close can you get to the decimal percentage? - Fun food based theme - Easy at first, hard to master - As the levels progress, the time allocated is decreased, making it even more challenging!

Cubeform You're a happy, happy ball bouncing forward. Unfortunately, the cube platforms ahead are constantly changing. Rotate the platforms to provide a safe path for youself. How far can you go? Features: - happy and upbeat theme - different filters and effects to enhance your gaming experience. Choose from monochrome, pitch black and space blue - extremely easy controls. Tap left or tap right to rotate - easy to play, hard to master

Mango Piggy Piggy Hero Mango Piggy Piggy is back with a brand new series. In his hero edition, control different superhero piggies, as you attempt to defend your town against the invasion of enemy robots. Launch your hero piggy against the enemy, in Angry Birds fashion. With Captain Piggy, throw your shield and watch as it bounces around the enemies, picking them off one by one. Use Iron Piggy to deal a huge amount of splash damage. Oh, did he mention Iron Piggy has lasers too? Use Thor Piggy to generate lightning with his mango-infused hammer. Shatter the ground and make your presence known. Features: - Excellent superhero theme and music. - Over 30 different levels per episode - Episodes 2, 3 and 4 coming soon - Challenging levels which require a combination of piggy heros - Fearsome enemy bosses - Interactive tutorial to learn the special abilities of each piggy - Full screen mode Fans of Marvel Avengers , Captain America, Iron Man and Thor will love this physics game.

Chroma Challenge Tap to get the ball past the color switching gates. The gates will only allow the ball with the matching color to pass. Don't touch the obstacles! You'll explode. The obstacles are tricky, so time your jumps. Features: - Extremely addictive and challenging gameplay - Easy to learn, hard to master. If you can collect more than 3 stars, you're pretty good! - Zen theme for focus Fans of color switch type mechanics will appreciate this game.

Jumping Burger You're a sliding burger with jumping ability. Avoid obstacles such as ketchup bottles, birds and tiny mice as you slide forward, while collecting ingredients to unlock the perfect burger. Ingredients include lettuce, tomato, cheese, burger patties, mushroom and salmon fillets. Grab Chillis to be come temporarily invincible. How far can you go? Features: - Cute restaurant diner setting - Easy to play, hard to master. This game is very challenging. - A shop to unlock your burgers

Ludo With Friends Ludo with Friends is the modern version of the royal game of Pachisi. It's a game which was played among Indian kings and queens in ancient times. Roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board. Beat other opponents and become the king of Ludo in this multiplayer game. No complicated login screens. Just enter your username and play against the world. Play with your friends in a 2-player or 4-player mode. Features: - Chat with your friends in real-time - Feeling lazy? Use the autoplay function - Server side cheat detection - Play online against friends or offline against bots or computers

Lost In Time You awake to find yourself lost in time. The powerful Time Lord is intent on disrupting the time-space continuum. He sends Time Bots to capture you. Solve a series of challenging puzzles, retrieve the keys, and restore order to the universe! Avoid the Time Bots at all costs. Features: - Interactive tutorial to learn the ropes - Challenging levels. Spend hours trying to decode the puzzles - Exotic pixel art and theme music, spanning different environments - Fun and entertaining dialog - Innovative isometric view

Hardest Game On Earth The title says it all! This is the world's hardest game. Navigate your way through the maze. Collect coins, keys and avoid obstacles. Don't break your glass! Features: - Tutorial included. - Fun earth theme - Extremely challenging levels. Be mentally and emotionally prepared!

Megacity Hop Cross the roads with busy traffic. Hop your way across this endless mega city! On desktop, use your arrow keys to move. On smartphones and tablets, simply swipe to move. Features: - Easy and intuitive controls. Tap to move forward, swipe left or ride to move horizontally - Collect coins to unlock various characters in the shop - Play characters such as business man, cool DJ , office lady, policeman and sheriff - Dynamic generation of terrain to provide endless gameplay - If you've played crossy type games, this is a perfect fit. - Fun 3D-like theme

Zombie Apocalypse Survival How well are you equipped for a zombie apocalypse? Features: - One touch gameplay - Easy to navigate UI - Interesting responses that provoke emotions - A range of results based on the users' combination of answers - References to pop culture

Puzzle Slide: Travel Edition A picture slide game with a travel theme. Complete the puzzles in the shortest amount of time Solve puzzles of famous locations such as New York's Manhattan Bridge, The London Eye, Eiffel Tower of Paris, Forbidden City in Beijing, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Pyramids of Egypt, and more. Features - New-age, Instagram design for the millennial generation - Easy, medium and hard modes - Solve all kinds of puzzles from around the world - Simple design to encourage focus - Multiple puzzles to try - Relaxed environment

Classic Solitaire Build suit piles in ascending order, from Ace to King. Re-arrange face-up cards in descending order and alternating colors. Features: - tutorial - beautiful graphics - hours of repetitive gameplay - relaxed theme and music - undo function

Bomb The Bridge Plant C4 bombs anywhere on the bridge. Wait for enemy troops to cross, then detonate them. Blow up 100% of the bridge and eliminate all troops to score 3 stars. Features: - Realistic physics - Addictive theme - Challenging levels - Blow up armies, military trucks and tanks!

Oil Hunt Stretch out a pipe in order to strike oil. Hit it big as you guide oil-hungry heroes and monsters in a mystical wasteland! Aim for the highest score, and unlock funny characters! Explore different lands - from long stretching savannas, to green hills, sandy beaches and dark marshes - you’ll be surprised at all the places you’ll find where you can just stick a pipe and watch as tons of fantastic tasty dark stuff spill out! It’s insane! It is the ultimate time waster with a simple game play that is easy to pick up but difficult to master! How far can you take your oil-guzzling hero in this crazy land? Features: - Cool monster theme with great outdoor soundtrack - An addictive levelling up system based on how far the user is able to go - Discover cool maps - Unlock cool characters

Kill The Spy Armed with your trusty pistol, it's up to you, Agent 007 to eliminate the enemy spy agents. Tap on the correct blocks to eliminate the spy agents. Use the least amount of moves to earn more stars. Do not hard the hostages, or else the mission will fail. Features: - Innovative physics and game mechanics. Aim your spy pistol to split structures into multiple pieces - Collect treasures to increase your score - Place your shots correctly to earn more stars - Spy theme and sound effects Fans of James Bond , Men in Black and spy themed novels will love this game.

Stupid Zombies One man, one shotgun and a whole lot of zombies. You are humanity's last hope, and it's your job to keep them brainless. Adjust your shots and angles, and you watch your bullets ricochet from wall to wall, elegantly picking off each zombie's arms and limbs. Features: - 4 giant stages with over 360 challenging levels - Exciting zombie theme - Simple and innovative ricochet based gameplay. Defeat the stupid zombies with brains and ingenuity. - Realistic physics - Great zombie soundtrack

Twitchie Clicker Welcome to Twitchie Clicker! If you've got twitchy fingers, this is the game for you. Nicknamed H0lyThund3rDude with a cool beanie hat, you have your work cut out for you. Build your streaming empire from nothing. Earn one gamer view at the time, while generating cash. Upgrade your fame factors to generate more views per second. Unlock cool videos that you can upload to your fans. Grow your subscriber base to millions of passionate gamers! Features: - Interactive tutorial. Learn each new function as you progress. - Use ads to earn money. - Upgrade new features such as Video on Demand, Live Chat, Partner Status, Official Merch and yes, Sponsorships. - Collect anonymous tips - Collect Prime Loot - This game is perfect for people who understand Twitch and Youtube streaming. Drag, aim and release! Launch your catapult at your opponents. First to reach 20 kills wins the round. A fun and very fast-paced IO game, guaranteed to keep players coming back for more. Features: - Simple tutorial to quickly learn how to play - Fast gameplay - Choose your own avatar and username - Clever bots to balance the gameplay - Play on any device

إملأ الفراغ .اسحب وارم القطع لملء الفجوات .أكمل صفًا لتسجيل النقاط. أكمل صفين أو أكثر لتسجيل نقاط والحصول على المكافأة

Battleships Ready Go! Battleships Ready Go is a guessing war game. Place your ships strategically across the open sea. Then, try to sink the enemy ships, before own own navy ships are sunk. Features: - Interactive tutorial - Fast paced music and gameplay - Millions of battleship arrangements, for hours of gameplay - Clever AI to compete against

Happy Slushie Fill up the slushie cup to the max. Control the flow of slushy juice to fill up your cup! Everything you draw turns into real objects. Design your own solution. Be creative today! Features: - Funny quotes. - Addictive tracing gameplay. Draw and design anything. - Over 30 challenging levels per location. Total of 120 levels. - Play in different environments such as the Mall, at Home, School, and the Park - Collect 3 stars for every level successfully completed. - Happy, positive vibes Fans of Happy Glass will enjoy this game.

Horace Vs Cheese Pull and launch Horace the Hamster into the cheese. Eat them all to earn 3 stars. Then, land safely into the cheese house. From the creators of Flossy and Jim, we bring you a new brand called Horace and co. Features: - Fun, positive and ridiculously cute character. Horace bounces around and squeals almost like a soft toy. - Innovative touch and drag mechanic - Over 30 levels - Unlock a hidden level - Don't eat the blue cheese! You'll lose a life - Don't eat the moldy cheese! You'll lose the level

Mango Piggy Piggy VS Bad Veggies Mango Piggy Piggy is back. This time, you're up against Bad Veggies. Knock out the Boss Veggie, then bounce on as many Bad Veggies as possible. Collect powerups to extend your streak, while collecting more mango points. Use collected mango points to purchase cool upgrades. Features: - Interactive tutorial - Fun Mango Piggy Piggy theme - Collect your Slam points to use the Piggy Slam ability - Collect cool powerups such as bombs, stomping machines, and yes, rockets! - Unique artwork - Discover something new about the Mango Piggy Piggy universe each time you play. Fans of Burrito Bison will love this game.

Brick Breaker Drag the paddle to catch the steel ball. Bounce the ball against the bricks, to break them. How high can you score? Fans of Arkanoid and Breakout will appreciate this game! Features: - Random levels - Cool powerup such as paddle elongation, extra health, twin guns and triple steel balls! - Interactive tutorial - Cool and sleek design suitable for the 21st century


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